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Reimagine How You Navigate Post-Pandemic Challenges and Uncertainty

The rapid rate of change and uncertainty businesses are facing post-pandemic can leave leaders and their teams feeling as though they are lost in the wilderness. Something Yossi Ghinsberg has experienced first-hand.

You can hear a pin-drop in the room when Yossi takes the stage. But there is much more as Yossi translates his own lessons of survival and his ability to adapt quickly to the changing circumstances into principal and effective strategies that drive business excellence.


You rank number one in my experience, I'm honored to be a reference.

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Yossi's keynotes inspire and transform the world’s leading corporations and organizations.

Yossi is an internationally renowned adventurer and a best-selling author, his book 'Jungle' is also the title of a feature movie starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Yossi is an enchanting storyteller whose keynotes score unprecedented ratings in corporate environments.

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