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bringing amazon survival skills to business

A key insight from Yossi’s harrowing story is that the survival of the Jungle relies on collaboration. Working intelligently with his changing conditions, Yossi was able to perceive innovative ideas vital to his survival. Yossi challenges organizations to think about how they can apply collaborative thinking; expanding out from the limiting mindset of pure competition, designing environments where teamwork can thrive, skills are utilized and ideas are shared. His survival skills for business are designed to shift attendees’ perspective on what survival actually means, inspire them to always assume responsibility.


Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace survival as the most essential quality for the workplace, since it is naturally driving everyone to their peak performance.

  • Survival is an intense competition that drives either elimination or innovation.

  • The secret of survival is the realization that lasting competition is a waste of energy hence a poor survival strategy.

  • Niche Monopolies are nature’s secret sauce in generating greater yields with less effort.

  • In niche monopolies you have no competition; which frees energy that can be invested in deepening the niche by further innovation; rewarding the leadership and teams and giving back to society.

  • Darwinism in business is outdated since it is based on concepts of struggle and scarcity. Abundance realization is a more relevant approach in today’s exploration of new and expanding markets and technologies.

the power to survive

In many industries, the rapid rate of change teams are facing can leave people feeling as though they are lost in the wilderness. Something Yossi Ghinsberg has experienced first hand. After a tragic separation from his friends, Yossi was lost alone for weeks in the heart of the Amazon with no food or defenses, in the midst of one of the worst rainy season for decades.

Yossi translates his own lessons of survival – where every single moment left him at the mercy of the jungle, and his ability to adapt fast to the changing circumstances literally meant the difference between life and death – into effective strategies for those experiencing a change in the work environment

You can hear a pin drop in the room when Yossi takes the stage. But there is much more than sheer entrancement in his storytelling. Yossi translates his own lessons of survival into principal and effective strategies for business excellence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Feel empowered to adapt to the ever influx circumstances as co-creators of our own realities, ever assuming responsibility.

  • Explore how adversity is an integral part of life yet being a victim is a matter of choice.

  • Look at pain as a resource for remarkable action and at fear as an invitation to be brave.

  • Trusting our innate wisdom and awaken our survival instincts will lead us to success.

the laws of the jungle

The Laws of the Jungle

This keynote presentation is based on Yossi’s second book ‘The Laws of the Jungle'.  Drawing from is years in the Amazon with the Uchupiamona tribe, his shamanic initiation as well as his contribution to the creation of Madidi National Park and the visionary ‘Chalalan’ Ecolodge.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Realize you are an animal, you are nature itself.

  • Find your niche, like an instrument in an orchestra, practice so you can be harmonious.

  • We arrive and leave here naked, learn which tools you need to carry while in this transition.

  • Flow with the river of life, don’t resist, don’t get stuck.

  • Life is perfect, celebrate.

  • True heroes are the day to day heroes.

  • The purpose of life is death - dare to do and regret nothing.

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